FayetteKids is Fellowship Fayetteville’s ministry to children birth-6th grade.

At FayetteKids, we want to see families begin to love Jesus more (Luke 10:27;
Matthew 10:38-39)! Because we believe that Scripture is clear that parents are the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children (Deuteronomy 6:7), our hope is to partner with parents in their pursuit of this mission, coming alongside you in the discipleship process. We do this by making FayetteKids a safe and engaging environment where kids can worship through song, hear God’s story from the Bible, and discuss those stories with friends in small groups. Each Sunday, we get to help kids, birth-6th grade, see the wonder of God and how each part of His story points us to Jesus.
Family Worship Resources

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Our security check-in system is for children ages birth through 6th grade. Safety is a priority to us. All of our volunteers have had a background check and have been trained in our safety procedures. For more information, please email a staff member.


Look for a greeter in one of our children’s areas who can help you get your children checked in to our secure system and dropped off at the correct location. You can make your check-in process easier by filling out this pre-registration form online before you come.

Pre-Register Children

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In FayetteKids Early Childhood, we desire to teach your children three basic truths: God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. We sing, teach, and explore God’s story through interactive activities each week. Our hope is that we will be able to reinforce the truths you are teaching your kids at home.

FayetteKids is honored to partner with you from the very beginning of your journey as parents. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement, strength, and resources as you raise your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Baby Registry

We love to celebrate new babies and adoptions. Please complete our Baby Registry so we can share in your joy. You can also select to receive information about Parent/child dedication by marking the box on the form.

Baby Registry Form

Parent/Child Dedication

Parent/ Child Dedication is for you to mark the moment where you commit to raise your child in the instruction and knowledge of the Lord. We believe parents are the spiritual authority of the child and therefore want to partner with you as you plan and prepare to lead this ceremony with your gospel-centered community. As the church, we make the commitment to walk alongside you, supporting and reinforcing what you are already teaching your children at home. We want you to know you are surrounded by prayer, encouragement, truth, resources, and love. We are excited to support and assist you as you plan this momentous occasion!

For more information, contact Allie Bynum .

If you are ready to dedicate your child, please click on the button below to begin the process. 

Parent/Child Dedication Form

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In FayetteKids Elementary, we pray your kids begin to understand how God’s Word can impact their everyday lives (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We pray that your kids continue to hide God’s Word in their hearts (Psalm 119:11). We also want to help your kids begin to personalize their faith. Each Sunday your kids will worship God by learning truth from God’s Word, singing together, and applying the Bible to their everyday lives with friends. We also provide opportunities to engage with our family of faith outside of Sunday mornings with various retreats and events.


Baptism is an exciting time in the life of a family! If you have a child who wants to be baptized, please review this Baptism Handout, then contact our FayetteKids team at [email protected] or 479-878-2999. We would love to walk through this with you.

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Special Needs and Disability Ministry

The Special Needs and Disability Ministry exists to provide a Gospel-centered, inclusive environment for individuals with specific needs. We not only want to serve these individuals but also partner with their families as they participate in the life of the church.

We want to help any child or student who faces unique challenges related to physical, mental, behavioral, medical, or emotional needs that would benefit from additional support, helping enable them to hear the Gospel and fully participate in the mission of Fellowship Fayetteville.

In most situations, we use the buddy system where the individual is matched with a high school or adult buddy who will provide individual care in a classroom of peers or in our Special Needs area. For more information contact us.

Special Needs and Disability FAQs

Yes. We work to best understand each individual’s special needs and how we can best support your family. After talking with our coordinator, we can work to develop a plan that fits your family best. We will send you a form that helps us better understand your individual family’s needs.

Buddies simply act as a helper. They are an extra volunteer who helps when necessary and to the degree necessary. The primary goal of our buddies is to provide an environment where people of all needs can hear the Gospel in a way that is clear to them.

Aaron Parks is our Coordinator. He would love to connect with you to help put together a plan to provide support for your child. Please email [email protected] to find out more information and get the needed forms.

Yes! Our Rogers Campus is a rEcess and bEfriend site, organized by 99Balloons. Visit our Special Needs webpage to learn more!

FayetteKids FAQ

Each volunteer ages 13-adult must go through our volunteer screening process which consists of an in-person interview, background screening, and reference checks.

Children who show signs of fever, vomiting, or other contagious illnesses should be symptom and fever free for 24 hours before coming to FayetteKids.

Check-in is open from 15 minutes before the beginning of the service through 15 minutes after the beginning of the service.

Please notify a greeter of any allergies you feel we need to know about as you are checking in your children. While we cannot eliminate all common allergens, FayetteKids is a peanut-free area. We also limit any food given to children and will alert parents if a snack is being served.

Animal crackers and cheerios are provided in appropriate Early Childhood classrooms.

We provide a nursing room located beside Room 6 in the Early Childhood area for moms and their babies that allows you to take care of your child in a safe and quiet environment without having to miss the service.

Children's Ministry STAFF

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