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Mosaic Women’s Study: One Book, One Story

Fellowship Mosaic

About this event

Duration: Thursdays, February 10 - April 14 | 9:30-11:30am

Location: Training Center Classroom 166

Facilitator: Melissa Church 

Childcare: Available 

Description: One Book, One Story is and introduction to the practice and perspective of Biblical Theology which sees the Bible as one unified story from beginning to end. In this study we will uncover that story and its origins and will trace its pattern through key moments on the Biblical timeline to its ultimate eternal conclusion. If you are unfamiliar with Biblical Theology, this study will give you a basic overview that will equip you to see God’s grand plan throughout the Bible, transforming the way you approach scripture and understand your place in the story. Homework is an essential component to this study. Materials will be provided at the first meeting.

If you need childcare, please register your child(ren) for Kid's TIME by February 1. For any questions, contact Amy Smart at [email protected]